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Commercial Carrier Services /   A full suite of transportation services

computer monitorBased in Los Angeles California, Commercial Carriers offer a full suite of trucking services for any size fleet. Our specialities include fuel & mileage Taxes, IFTA, DMV, IRP registration, IFTA permits, UCR registrations, commercial registrations, VIN Verifications, title transfers, fleet GPS management, and dispatch management.

Tax Services

Commercial Carriers’ IFTA Fuel and Mileage Tax Reporting Services

digital projectorCommercial Carriers provides trucking companies with the flexibility to choose from three different options to record their fuel and mileage; paper based, electronic data download from your telematics system recording directly from your truck’s engine or you can enter the data yourself into our web based solution.
The following convenient features will enhance your fleet’s efficiency and productivity:
  • Simple and accurate tax calculation - your information is scrutinized to ensure there are no gaps or errors
  • Standard and customizable reports - over 15 standard reports plus various other reports to suit your specific needs
  • Trip sheet management system - paper based trip sheets are scanned and available for viewing
  • Multiple options for data entry/download - Paper based, Electronic or do-it-yourself
  • Routing services - user friendly allowing you to route your trips according to Truck Shortest, Truck Practical or Interstate Preferred
Benefits of Commercial Carriers’ IFTA reporting: 
  • Ensure your fleet stays compliant and minimize your risk of financial penalties
  • Reduces cost of data filing and storage as information is stored electronically and paper trips are scanned and accessible to be viewed online
  • We stand behind you in the event of an audit. We manage all correspondence with the regulatory agency and advise you on the proper method of resolving the issue.
  • Save time and money by allowing our experienced team of professionals to manage your IFTA Fuel and Mileage Tax reporting
Top IRP Registration

digital projectorInternational Registration Plan Services

The International Registration Plan is a program for licensing commercial vehicles that run interstate. IRP allows an interstate trucking or bus company to register their fleet in a multiple states or provinces at one time.

Top Permits

Special Permits

  • digital projectorTrip Permits - When traveling to a state in which a vehicle is not registered under IRP, a temporary trip permit is needed for that state.
  • Fuel Permits - When traveling to a state in which a vehicle does not hold an IFTA decal and license, a temporary fuel permit is needed before entering that state.
  • Over Dimensional and Over Weight Permits - If a vehicle is over dimensional (oversize) or overweight, a temporary permit is needed. This permit authorizes movement according to vehicle configurations and weight and contains routing information, travel regulations/restrictions, and safety requirements.
  • Mileage Permits - When operating in Arizona, Kentucky or New York, a vehicle may require a mileage permit in addition to fuel and trip permits.